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When that first thrill of exhilaration is fulfilled by years of enjoyment, it’s not a result of compromise. It’s the intended outcome of our defining commitment to engineer enduring luxury into all W.SCHILLIG sofas, chairs, sectionals and ergonomically advanced furnishings.

Knowing that by selecting our products you are inviting us to be a defining element of your daily life for many years, we are committed to crafting objects that are worthy of your investment. We carefully choose the finest materials: leathers and fabrics that reward your senses, supported by construction elements that ensure long-lasting luxury. Providing an artful palette of forms and colors, we empower you to individualize your furnishings to your tastes and needs. Employing expert craftsmen and precision technology, we engineer each piece to achieve unparalleled reliability. In all we do, we remain devoted to creating furnishings for your home that are beautiful, functional, reliable, and luxuriously comfortable.


Your home, whether small and cozy, expansive and open – or anywhere in between – should reflect your personal sense of style and enhance the way you live. As visual design elements, a sofa and its complementary chairs define their space. As functional pieces of furniture, they are part of life’s most important moments: time spent relaxing with friends and family; enjoying movies, music, television, games, perhaps an informal meal and maybe even a much-deserved nap.

We design furniture to make these moments as richly rewarding as possible. Walking into the room, we want you to be welcomed by forms and colors that delight. Sitting down, we want you to be greeted by materials that please your sense of touch and a structure that supports your body. As you will return to this experience every day, for many years, we construct each piece with such integrity that it will continue to define, for years to come, the comforts of home.

Meet Our Designers
Fillmore Harty

Fillmore Harty

Embracing the challenge of creating products for the intimate setting of the home, Fillmore seeks to develop designs that define that define our lifestyles and fashions so well that future generations will honor them as the antiques of tomorrow.

Anke Reuter

Anke Reuter

Anke Reuter studied architecture and design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg and the University of Stuttgart. In addition to teaching roles at colleges in Stuttgart and Coburg, she works in close cooperation with the industry in the field of furniture and product design.

Wilhelm Bolinth

Wilhelm Bolinth

With his sense for what people want in their homes and his unmistakable creative touch, Wilhelm transforms his visions into unique forms that define the W.Schillig aesthetic in contemporary leather furniture.

Fillmore Harty

Jan Armgardt

Jan Armgardt concentrates on environmental furniture development. His designs centre around people‘s living requirements and create unconventional, lively interiors.

Anke Reuter

Sylvain Joly

Sylvain Joly creates internationally recognised prêt-á-porter furniture and is a genuine talent in his field. He works for customers all over the world. His products have already sold in their thousands.



Comfort, style, and quality are our passion. More than 60 years, the W.SCHILLIG family has handcrafted the finest leather upholstery produced in Germany and around the world. We engineer our seating to ensure consistent, long-lasting comfort. Our designers work hand in hand with our frame engineers and upholstery specialists to ensure comfort meets fashion. We hand select the finest leathers and raw materials from all over the world. Our goal is to provide the best quality furniture at the best value.

Hardwood frame

W.SCHILLIG frames are constructed of kiln dried hardwood and top-grade ¾” plywood. orner blocked, double doweled, glued, and stapled joints dramatically increase stability and durability.

THEIRS: may be produced with softwood, particleboard or medium density fiberboard (MDF), with joints that are only stapled and glued.

No-sag springs

W. SCHILLIG uses only steel no-sag springs to create an active support system. Nylon clips and felt padding are added to minimize friction and noise.

THEIRS: Elastic webbing is a low-cost alternative that offers less support and inferior durability.

Spring Coils

W. SCHILLIG seats are engineered with steel coil springs to create consistent, long lasting comfort. And, for additional comfort, we encase the coils in high-density foam.

THEIRS: Dacron and foam-stuffed seats provide less support and tend to sag over time.

Elastic webbing

W. SCHILLIG uses double the amount of elastic webbing in our back support and, to provide soft but firm body support, we wrap our webbing in high density foam.

THEIRS: A minimal amount of elastic webbing, covered with low density foam, creates a too-soft seat that may quickly lose its shape.

High quality leather

W. SCHILLIG selects top grain cow hide leather. Chosen from the top 4% of all hides, our fine leathers offer a luxurious seating surface.

THEIRS: Parts are made of split leather, Bi-Cast leather, vinyl, or other animal hides, which lack comfort and durability.

Double needle stitching

W. SCHILLIG incorporates double needle stitching to add beautiful detailing, greater strength, and extended durability.

THEIRS: single needle stitching creates a less attractive piece that may not wear well.