Leather Story | W.Schillig USA
W.Schillig Leathers

Our comprehensive collection of fine leathers offers you more than 150 colors to choose from. With this full range of options, you are free to express your sense of style in classic looks, bold personal statements, or today’s most advanced trends.

A natural product, leather varies in quality according to such factors as where the cattle were raised and how they lived, the part of the hide used and the ways in which the finished product was tanned, dyed and processed. In selecting leathers for our furnishings.

W.SCHILLIG uses only top grain cow hide, aniline dyed or semi-aniline dyed leathers, chosen from the top 4% of all hides.

Top Grain Leather

The top or outer portion of the hide, known as top grain or full grain leather, provides the greatest natural beauty, texture and durability. Ninety-four percent of top grain leathers show too many flaws to meet W.Schillig quality standards.

Aniline Dyed Leather

Known for its exceptional beauty, rich texture and soft, supple hand, aniline dyed leather creates the most luxurious and sensual experience. Only the finest 1% of all top grain hides may be aniline dyed.

Semi-Aniline Leather

With a natural character, soft feel and texture similar to aniline dyed hides, semi-aniline leather is made from the next 5% of top grain hides. Finished with a light topcoat, it also offers additional durability.